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Managing an outcome based lead campaign through Young to regularly generate quality leads.

Lead campaigns are now the most popular method for generating clientele for various businesses. A quality lead campaign increases frontal/telephone sales, especially for service providers that do not sell products, employee recruitment, B2B businesses, real estate, investments and more.

We specialize in:

Instagram & Facebook

There are many market segmentation options, including sorting by gender, age, address and hobbies. Professional and precise sorting, performed by a professional, can almost nullify the chance of your ad being exposed to an inappropriate user and of your wasting money.


On Google, the users seek you out! That is a substantial difference that will determine whether to choose Facebook or Google as your advertising medium. A Google Ad direct only to people searching for a certain service or product, here and now, guarantees a quality lead.


Advertising on Linkedin offers you a chance to target your most desired B2B audience, especially decision makers, and generate premium leads.
Linkedin, the world’s biggest business network with over 300 million users, is one of the most effective advertising platform for generating quality leads.
When it comes to advertising on LinkedIn, you need to first segment your audience by demographics, locations, title, industries, company size, skills and Linkedin groups.

Outbrain and Taboola

Slightly more complex platforms for posting articles and conveying messages compared to Google and Facebook. As such, the leads that they generate are considered more effective and “ripe”. Advertising is achieved through journalistic or marketing items posted on Israel’s leading content portals (Ynet, Mako, Israel Hayom, Globes, Calcalist, The Marker and more), presenting a great deal of detailed information about the proposed product or service, as compared to a short ad that contains only a photo and a short sentence. A lead from a customer who has read an entire article about a product or service, who is familiar with its advantages and costs and who has read the reviews, etc. – is a “hot” lead with more chances of closing a deal.

Creating converting landing pages

To save you time and the hassle of “irrelevant” customers, we place a great deal of emphasis on creating converting and quality landing pages with a variety of questions to filter the users.

How does it work? Here are the stages –


Precisely specifying your brand – studying the services provided, prices and main advantages – and defining your target audience.


Landing pages

We devise quality and accurate landing pages that describe your services.


Platform selection

Selecting the most suitable platforms for advertising your brand, developing the campaigns according to the specification.


Lead traffic

Leads are sent to your e-Mail/CRM system.


Control and optimization

Based on your quality control report regarding the leads, we continuously update our optimization efforts.


Advanced tools for monitoring incoming calls

We provide virtual numbers to identifying incoming calls from the various platforms.

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