Advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing on all platforms while combining a winning creative with permanent results.


YOUNG offers digital advertising services aimed to provide solutions for brands and companies that wish to stand out against their competitors, all with a fresh and contemporary vibe. The agency specializes in building brands, devising and producing sponsored campaigns on all platforms, producing viral films, creating content and managing pages on all social networks. All agency employees are leading performance specialists, community managers and content developers in Israel – in short, they are the best people for your business! We live and breathe social media and we know all about what’s hot right now. We will accompany you from the research phase, through strategy formulation and to the final deliverable – a strong brand that takes over the target audiences. In short, we would be happy to provide you with the toolbox that makes you the best.


Marketing Strategy

We lead and accompany the organization through formulating, conceptualizing and recommending an operative plan for digital operations. A marketing strategy is the foundation for the organizations marketing and advertising activities. We develop business strategies that include message definition, competitive research, audience analysis and media budget distribution using various platforms and data based technological tools.

Viral Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth thousands of pictures. Young will produce a video that will break the internet’: it will be touching, funny and generate emotions among the users. We will define the concept, write the script, shoot on locations and edit a video that no one could just scroll past to the next post. In addition, we specialize in producing online videos – a series of clips that convey the message in a different and unique manner.

E-Commerce Ads Campaigns

With us, your website can generate a lot more money by utilizing a winning combination of creative, correct media buying and in-depth analysis.

E-commerce sites are promoted for one clear objective – to increase sales. Creative and traffic are just the means, all you care about are sales. So do we.

We believe that when advertising e-commerce sites, the agency should control all aspects of the activity, beginning with the content revealed to the user, through construction of the right campaign to maximizing sales on the site.

Social Media Management

Social media has long since become an integral part of our lives. Using these platforms for marketing and advertising allows companies to get to know their customers better and fit the products perfectly to their needs. Our team of experts are social media savvies who will turn your social pages into your most effective marketing tool. They will help you fine tune your targeting as well as growing and maintaining your target audience while gaining maximum brand reach.   

Our social networks expertise enables us to adapt the advertising campaign to your needs and reach all of your potential clients. When we manage these pages for you, we optimize your organic promotion efforts and help you gain maximum exposure.

PPC Campaign Management

Efficient marketing requires lateral planning that begins with developing a digital strategy. When you work with us you get the benefit of working with the most talented people, naturally developing creatives for audiences that they are a part of. We specialize in managing campaigns on all platforms – Google, Instagram, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain, TikTok, LinkedIn and more. Our ability to tailor every product and message to a different platform enables us to derive top performance, thus maximizing and refining message distribution. We know exactly who can target, distinguish and segment the audience and precisely tailor the message to the client’s needs. Our main objective is to maximize website and landing page traffic and to generate sales and leads in the least expensive and most efficient manner. We use the most innovative tools available for the task and, of course, update you regularly through weekly reports.

Influencing campaign management

Social media influencers have developed into a leading force in authentic advertising – the kind that attracts your audience to watch them regularly and on a daily basis. 75% of the world’s companies utilize social media influencers in their marketing efforts.

Our company specializes in developing groundbreaking creative campaigns using leading influencers in Israel and worldwide. Using our unique platform, we locate the best suited influences for your brand, develop a creative concept that maximizes your exposure, and measure all traffic and conversion statistics in order to optimize result analysis.


Strauss Water's Story

Preliminary information: The Strauss Water Recruitment Department contacted us in order to recruit employees for their range of jobs: technicians, service and sales centers and more.
The Challenge: Because Strauss Water places an emphasis on branding their businesses which has engraved on its banner the value of equality – we have been challenged to locate an audience from Arab society that will undergo very strict screening under Strauss Water’s HR department.
Execution: After intensive work we created a wide range of authentic and accurate ads and started an extensive lead campaign targeted at a specific target audience.
The result: Today we are one of the leading advertising agencies of the recruitment department and are responsible for dozens of accurate recruitments.



Daniel Karniro

PPC Campaign Manager

Noa Rosen

Customer Success

Yarin Yehezkel

CEO and Founder

Sharon Zetrov


Tal Sade

Customer Success

Or Gamliel



Graphic Designer

Tal Zucker

PPC Campaign Manager

Dor Hovav


Ziv Amar

Social Media Manager

Chen Danielle Plecel

Customer Success

‘We would like to thank you for the wonderful partnership we have created. Every digital performance campaign we put on the air together was full of insights, aimed at diverse populations and different audiences at Strauss Water.
You did everything with a smile, almost immediate response time, with remarkable professionalism and service! You won over everything with complete attention to detail and genuine care for the results and success of the campaigns.”

Dalit Edri

strauss water

“Red Bull works with Yarin and the YOUNG agency to support the company’s activities on Instagram.
Yarin and the agency demonstrate professionalism, vigorous partnership for the cause and the ability to flip every project and idea high.
Happy to work together! ‘

Orly Shemesh

CEO of Red Bull Israel

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