Social media Management

We are the face of your brand on the social networks: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and YouTube. Together, we will devise the most efficient activity for increasing your community and enhancing the connection between you and your followers.


Social network administration is much more than just posting a status. It is important to understand that the aim of such management is to promote interactions with the relevant audience, lead it to the specific page (or profile), generate curiosity and create an attraction. The more reactions you get from your audience, the more interest it expresses – the higher the chances of converting it into an actual customer.

We ensure comprehensive management of your digital activities – beginning with content formulation and uploading the content to developing groundbreaking marketing campaigns.


Just so you know:

Our customers’ average interaction rate is triple that of our competition.

On average, every customer receives 20 daily queries from their social media channels.

We have amazing tools for managing our customers’ digital asset and, as such, no post is lost.


Producing social media shooting days

We create storyboards that fit your brand values and send our photography teams to shoot high quality ambiance and product footage. We plan the shooting days and make sure to use models who will best embody the brand character. Of course, we adapt the content to Story, TikTok, Feed and YouTube.


Continuous page management

We use the content that we produced and add amazing and authentic graphic to enrich it, also devising ongoing digital activities that generate extensive engagement (Likes, Shares and Responses). We continuously upload content with light and brilliant copywriting skills, ensuring that you will always be on your customers’ minds.


Digital commercial and web series production

Where a picture is worth 1,000 words, a clip is worth 1,000 pictures. We accompany you through the various stages of conceptualization, scriptwriting, production and distribution of the viral clips that we produce. Our clips are truly suitable for social media and not the traditional media. Each clip will be precisely dedicated to your brand character. Short and to the point.


Using influencers and community collaborations

Influencer and ambassador marketing is the digital form of “Word of Mouth”. We know how to locate the influencers relevant to your brand and devise amazing digital campaigns with their help. Their exposure is especially powerful and it can promote your digital pages. We work *only* with influencers who cooperate, who want to succeed together with you. Of course, we analyze the activity and monitor it every step of the way.

Chat Bots

Creating a Chat Bot and responding to online queries

Chat Bots enable our brand to concurrently communicate with many customers, all without human personnel. The Bots direct our customers and provide answers to their questions, thus significantly reducing the number of incoming calls to the service center. We know how to introduce activities and interaction-promoting games using the Chat Bot, thus extending our organic exposure.

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